We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – we like to surround ourselves with winners. 🏆 🏆 🏆

This week was no exception as we welcome our latest supporting partner to The Armchair Show:🥁 (drumroll) RAPID RTC!

While some folks walk through treacle, our new pals over at RAPID RTC are keen as mustard as they embark on a spectacular new partnership deal with KIA (UK) to bring the showroom to the online shopper with fully-immersive, omni-channel experiences.

RAPID will be working with KIA Motors (UK) Limited as the first OEM in the UK to go live with the new platform RAPID RTC Live Dealer, launching on dealer websites from August and the national website from October 2020.

You might remember RAPID’s senior leader Pontus Riska, VP Sales & Support from the pilot of The Armchair Show.

What seems like forever ago is, in fact just 6 months since the show’s launch, in which time the show has received over 200,000 views!

Catch RAPID RTC’s VP Sales & Support, Pontus RIska on the FIRST EVER show!

The technology provides customers shopping on KIA websites the first fully immersive, omni-channel experience with integrated chat, voice, and 1 or 2-way video.

Live Dealer & Chat connects shoppers with car dealers in real time.

RAPID RTC Live Dealer is pretty fly, if we do say so ourselves.

As the early stages of the automotive purchase journey move increasingly onto digital channels, Live Dealer and Chat will allow
engaged online shoppers to connect with Kia dealers in real-time, while enabling sales teams to build trust with online customers when they aren’t busy with showroom opportunities.

“We are very excited to be the first brand in the UK to launch Live Dealer, supporting an enhanced online experience before a customer visits the showroom, which we think is especially relevant in these challenging times. Live Dealer enables a real face-to-face interaction from the comfort of your own home, representing a great step towards a true omni-channel experience.”

Simon Hetherington, Commercial Director for Kia Motors UK.

“Dealer websites are a fundamental place customers turn to for answers during their purchase journey,making it essential to provide a seamless online experience,

RAPID RTC Live Dealer and Chat equip our partners like Kia to empower their best sales tool – their sales executives – to connect with customers online when they aren’t busy with showroom prospects. With these tools, sales executives can engage with pre-qualified online leads who are ready to start their journey. The customer is given the confidence to choose the communication channel they’re most comfortable using – chat, voice, or 1 or 2-way video – facilitating not only a great first impression and personalised journey from step one, but also meaningful conversations with trained experts that close more sales.”

Glen Demetrioff, RAPID RTC President & CEO

Transition between chat, voice, 1 or 2-way video – all in a single customer experience.

Using Live Dealer, Kia dealers can replicate much of the showroom experience online, with the ability to transition between channels (chat, voice, 1 or 2-way video) at any time during a conversation.

Screen sharing allows for guided walk-throughs of any digital processes or tools including stock look-up, car configurator, finance applications, trade-in appraisals, and more. And with video enabled, the ability to transfer in-progress conversations from desktop to mobile (and vice versa) offers full mobility, making live product walk-arounds possible inside and outside the dealership.

Greet your customers consistently & reliably 100% of the time.

When an online customer initiates a chat on the dealer site, they are instantly greeted and pre-qualified by RAPID RTC’s certified Concierge team, who notifies available sales executives that an online customer would like to chat.

Any salesperson who isn’t busy with showroom opportunities can use any device to accept the chat and connect in real-time.

The salesperson and prospect agree on their audio-visual settings and choose the channels they are most comfortable continuing with. With no downloads or bots involved, Live Dealer and Chat bring the showroom to life online and allow dealers to guide customers through the entire familiar consultative sales process in the digital space.

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