It’s no secret among automotive marketing people that the internet changed the way consumers search for cars.

With more access to information at their fingertips than ever before, your customers are now searching for their next set of wheels across an average of 24 touch points – 19 of which are digital! ????

Impressive, right?

Well, a recent Google study revealed some additional findings, when they followed new car buyer – Stacy across her whole car buying journey.

Stacy (her real name as we understand) performed over 900 online actions in a 3-month period! ????

How well does your online strategy cover the majority of these touch-points?

Are you missing out on valuable customers?

What’s your Youtube strategy? Content? Are you in the reviews game?

It’s getting intense, right.

So what’s the solution?

Show your adverts where the most active, in-market, automotive customers will see them.

tanesha stafford, ppc jedi &
armchair marketing co-founder

Don’t place your advertising net too thin.

Our advice is to think about the touch points you can see in the 24 touch point diagram above. Use it to get a feel for how to split your marketing budget.

One handy little tip is to create an advertising Spend vs Performance metrics spreadsheet to measure what’s working and create a top top 5, 7 or 10 (depending on your budget).

Advertising’s about performance, so you’re going to need to sharpen the pencil and relegate offenders, so you you can re-invest the budget into a higher performing channel on the list.

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