No, but it helps – often exponentially.

Respect for skillz – one of the oldest arguments in the world. “The doctor said this, but I read this on Google”.

Every disaster movie starts with the government ignoring the experts.

Marketing Degree’s teach you a foundation knowledge about people and psychological behaviours that haven’t changed in hundreds of years. These behaviours influence people. You don’t have to look too far into modern politics to see what that means.

Young people aren’t the answer – the right people are the answer.

In marketing agency world, there are many business hiring ‘young people’ because they think that makes them ‘social media skilled’. The truth is that they are cheap, friendly, energetic and out-going, so it makes the clients ‘feel’ like they are doing the right thing.

For those who have the skill, making more money is the easy bit – convincing the stakeholder is the hard bit – you can have all the energy in the world, but you’re dealing with emotion and opinions (not something that’s taught in marketing) – if the skill isn’t commanding the respect, the decision can often fall back to the decision makers ‘feelings’ about the person making a recommendation.

Having energetic and exciting people around your business is a winner for sure – but not if the output is negative ROI.

Can you make money on Facebook & Google without a degree? Of course – and you should do it.

A strong desire to learn will get you really far – you don’t need an official degree in marketing, but you do need to learn the things that are covered in a degree if you want to do something meaningful.

If not, it’ll become limiting, and that’s a fact. Learn how here: Experienced PPC Managers Vs DIY PPC. What you need to know.

Marketing qualifications teach ROI reporting. If you don’t have someone in your business that can help you do this – hire someone, or invest in people (young people, old people, all people) to get a marketing qualification.

Proving a positive ROI for every pound you spend opens up a world that many never see – where you can turn up the dial or turn it down as you see fit.

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Yes, it’s rather silly & opinionated if you ask us.

It’s surely the perfect set of circumstances to bring a positive result – so now is the time to invest in the development in people or to find great partners to help your business grow.

What’s in it for you?

  • More sales.
  • Proof.
  • More money to invest in more marketing.

What are you waiting for?

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