A good PPC manager will set you back a fair few quid. So quite a lot of people consider a couple of other options instead:

  • Learn PPC themselves.
  • Hire someone enthusiastic, and give them the PPC dream.

Well, both options are very well placed and show promise. Our views have always been:

  • Some PPC is better than no PPC.
  • An appetite and desire to grow is better than no interest at all.

Unlike other career functions, marketing is everywhere — both in and outside of the workplace.

From the ads you see online to the pictures you post on Instagram, everyone is constantly engaging with the same marketing tools we use to promote our businesses.

But that ubiquity has a dark side; it makes everyone think they’re a marketer. From your boss to your spouse to every co-worker you work with, everyone has an opinion on the “best” way to market a product or service.

Marketing is fun, and we’re glad that so many take an interest, but to actually be done well, there is a full-blown process that needs to be learned.

Investing in a good PPC manager will generate returns that you wont get, without one.

  • The average senior PPC exec earns £40,000 per annum and is marketing degree level educated and has done the same job for around 3 years.

No one gives two hoots what someone gets paid – you want to know what you get back for that, right?

We made a tool to make it really easy for you to see what a competent senior PPC exec should be expected to return: Check out the ROI predictor tool which is part of out marketing software: Leebot.

Check out the tool and funk around with the numbers!

We’re confident that’s what you should come to expect from a senior PPC exec, because that’s the standards we set internally at Armchair Marketing.

Unfortunately, you just can’t expect a junior role to perform anywhere near the same & they are better placed learning from the seniors.

  • Anyone with a marketing-related degree can get in at PPC junior exec level. The salary is roughly £20,000 per annum.
  • Anyone without a degree (who is hungry enough to apply for literally hundred of jobs), can get in at PPC junior exec level. The salary is roughly £20,000 per annum.

Junior PPC execs are best placed at marketing agencies – anything else will likely hold them back.

PPC is fast paced, changing all the time and even has it’s own geek-like community. Outside of an agency, junior execs will not benefit from the experience and value that senior PPC execs will tech them and manage them through.

Outside of this environment, a PPC exec will struggle – now don’t write them off, some are exceptional, and against all odds, some find a way to learn, but as a business, it’s not too savvy to invest in such a risk when the reward is neither clear or guaranteed.

If you have a bright or rising star – you are far better placed to invest in developing them through a marketing qualification. It will be substantially more valuable for you both. Furthermore – giving them a role to help manage a PPC partner, with your support will give them much needed marketing experience.

Find out more in these article: Agency & In House marketing work better together.

If you’re doing it part-time, you’re not doing it.

Having a marketing degree or qualification to be good at PPC is not mandatory (find out more here)- but it cuts roughly 1 year off the learning development time.

Most people don’t realise that it takes roughly 2 years of development to become good at PPC. So what’s that in part-time years?

It’s totally understandable if you’ve had a look into Facebook & Google Ads & it looked really easy. Time for some myth busting…

You might already know that both Google & Facebook offer 2 version of advertising.

  • An easy version – for anyone, with or without marketing experience.
  • Advanced version which marketing agencies use.

The best way to explain this is to spotlight on Facebook, and their genius business model to make you think that Facebook ads are easy and get you spending a few quid in less than 30 minutes.

But, you guessed it, there’s a catch to that, right? Learn more about Facebook’s easy adverts Vs the advanced version that advertising agencies use.

Ever wondered why it takes 3 years to get a marketing degree?