This is the last call for anyone who still thinks Facebook can’t make you fat cat rich. Houston, we have an opportunity.

It’s time we collectively acknowledge FACEBOOK ISN’T FREE. 😱😱😱

There, we said it.

Wasn’t so bad, was it?

No? Don’t agree? Need more?

Is Facebook Organic really worth it? should give you the answer you need.

Facebook’s not free – but if you spend a little, you’ll get a lot.

In fact, if used to its full potential, it can generate just as many leads as Google.


  • You need the digital know-how to generate those leads (boffin alert).
  • You have spend money, just like you do with Google Ads.
  • You need the right set up to get going – you can’t run your car with missing parts. 🏎️

Facebook gets you leads. Like, big time.

You can do the boost buttondon’t do the boost button.

Boost Button


  • Shortcut for people with limited digital marketing knowledge. Or is it? 🚨


  • Limited targeting options
  • Optimised for reach and engagement – not traffic not leads
  • Only works with posts you’ve published on your business page
  • No control over messaging and creative
  • No optimisation

Go big or go home!

You want to make some money, eh?

Show meeeeee the moneeeeeeeeee

Facebook Ads Manager


  • Multiple campaign objectives available
  • Ad scheduling
  • Geographic targeting
  • Full access to targeting options
  • Full control over optimisation
  • Custom audiences & retargeting options
  • Conversion tracking
  • A/B testing
  • Full control over messaging and creative


  • Learning how to create advanced Facebook ads is a full-time marketing job

You get full control over who you’re showing your ad to, how much are you spending, where your ad is showing and so on – you’ll be able to use the Facebook Pixel to set up conversion tracking and know exactly what campaigns (and what ads) are generating the leads you’re after at the lowest cost.


It’s not easy – not trying to be a Debbie Downer.

What actions, knowledge & skillset helps to bring in the 💰💰💰?

  • At least 1+ year experience with a marketing agency
  • Daily optimisation, which on average will add up to over 1,000 changes a month
  • Ideally a marketing degree or equivalent
  • An advertising budget of minimum £1,500 per month.

Well that’s enough insight for one day!

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(Seems a bit excessive if you ask us – but god loves a try-er and you can’t fault enthusiasm).

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Cheers, and bye.