A few days ago, Facebook signed a deal with Motors.co.uk so its dealer car stock listings will appear on Facebook Marketplace. 

However, until the features and the overall experience improve, the best option to sell your cars is still Facebook Paid Advertising (PPC). 

5 things to keep in mind about Facebook’s latest step: 

  1. On Marketplace you need to actively search by location or browse by category. If customers are not looking specifically for what you have to offer, the chances of them finding it are pretty slim.
  2. There doesn’t seem to be an option to advertise your Marketplace listing specifically to customers looking to buy a car. No views = no enquiries = no sale.
  3. Marketplace is currently the home of private sellers who sell second-hand stuff locally. Graden furniture, dinner tables, bed frames, clothes. Silly cheap.
  4. At this moment in time, people go to Marketplace to find bargains. Just look at this sample search for cars in Northampton; the higher the price, the more unlikely the sale.
  5. The quality of leads coming in is pretty poor. As messaging you is literally as quick as hitting the Ask for Details button and send an automated message, customers could fire dozens of them out in minutes. You’ll risk spending a considerable amount of time replying to people without any real interest in your cars.

It’s likely Facebook will tackle and solve all of these issues. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if Facebook were tackling them as we speak. 

Until the features and the overall experience improve, the best option to sell your used cars on Facebook remains Facebook Paid Advertising (PPC). 

With Facebook Advertising you can advertise to:  

  • People interested in cars similar to the ones you’re selling
  • People interested in competitor models
  • Uour customer database

What’s better, you can upload your used car stock and show it only to customers who are behaving like they’re in market to buy a used car. 

In order to do all this yourself, you’ll need a Facebook Page and a Facebook Advertising account. 

If you don’t have a Facebook page, we can create one for you. 

If you want us to advertise on your behalf, we will request access to your Facebook page and advertise from our account, under your brand. Find out more about all the products we have in stock by sending a smoke signal – or give us a bell. ☎️