Sometimes it’s easier to clone a sheep 🐑🐑, than replicate last weeks result.

As time-served digital marketing ninja’s in the automotive industry (learn more about our founders here), we’ve been down almost every reporting rabbit hole going!

If sales have gone as cold as Christmas, and your mind is boggled…

Here are our best questions for helping you to pin-point the ol’ needle in a haystack.

Questions to ask: 

  • Has the government been talking negatively / effecting the consumer behaviour of the nation?
  • Is it a holiday?
  • Did the OEM do anything last year that they aren’t doing to support this year?
  • Did you have different sales people?
  • Are your competitors really active at the moment?
  • Do you have any traditional advertising that you can’t verify properly – like performance, distribution, audience size, engagement, effect?
  • Did you ease off your advertising previously to save money?
  • Have you been advertising consistently to improve repetition and brand recall in places like; Google search?
  • Are your adverts too highly specific (like, one make and one model) and not spread out to maximise interest (like, Used Cars Stock, New Car Offers, Service & MOT)?
  • Are your Google Analytics visits down year on year (YOY), in automotive, it can be misleading to look at month on month (MOM), as the market has a very specific ‘up/down’ pattern, erratically and progressively dropping (with a few exceptions), until the big jump in January.
  • Are you tracking (and does it work properly), your website enquiries using call tracking and analytics codes?

Do you have something that you think would contribute to this list?

Let us know!