There are 24 touch points on average in the automotive purchase journey, 19 of which are digital.

Matching stats from Forrester, Yahoo and ComScore indicate 9 out of 10 customer journeys begin online.

Now, if you’ve ever attended a talk from our very own popular conference speakers: Lee Manning and Tanesha Stafford you might know that we don’t get fixated on statistics – only common sense.

“All statistics are horse shit.”

Lee Manning. Founder, Armchair Marketing.

Whether it’s 9, 8 or even 7, the reality is the majority of consumers start their purchase journey online.

The better you do online, the more customer you’ll see offline – in your swanky showrooms.

Concentrate on driving more people into your funnel, the right people, at the right times – and you’ll see more people into your showroom.

Do you really know how well you’re doing online?

According to AutoTrader, 74% of people walk into your showroom without enquiring on email or making a phone call.

What they do, though, is to leave other clues – like visiting your contact page, clicking on your map, or downloading directions to your showroom.

Are these included in your Google Analytics tracking setup? Are you taking these into consideration when calculating true lead value?

Just because someone didn’t click your advert, doesn’t mean that it didn’t work.  Have you ever seen a brand, taken no action, and then later recalled that brand when it’s time to shop till you drop?

Ever wondered what the conversion rate for your showroom might be?

The conversion rate varies from company to company.  

We actually made a bit of science tech stuff to see how conversion rate varies from business to business.  It’s free.  

You can try it here: ROI Predictive Model 

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