The killer facts you need to know – myth-bustin’.

  • If you’re crafting organic Facebook posts a lot, then the cost of you wage is going to make your ROI a really hard sell.
  • If you’re measuring engagement without a path to conversion, then don’t – it’s worthless without it.
  • If you’re not using UTM tracking, then you’re missing out on so much credible data that will help you make a spend Vs return analysis & make your bosses happy.

Is Facebook organic really any use? Well, this sure seems to be the one that catches people out. So let’s unpack it a bit, and shed some light on a very misunderstood subject.

What your Facebook page organic activity is brilliant for:

  • Protecting your brand
  • Showcasing the culture of the business
  • Supporting your Facebook Paid strategy

What your Facebook page organic activity is NOT useful for:

Generating record-breaking engagement and leads 💰💰💰.

It used to be. The legacy still remains – we think that’s what still confuses people these-days.

You sitting down? Please do…

If you’ve been around for a while, I’m sure you’ve noticed a huge drop in organic reach on your Facebook Page.

Since 2012 it plummeted from 15% to somewhere between 1 and 6%, which means if your page currently has, say, maybe 5,000 likes, each post will be seen by no more than 150 people. Ouch.

Chances are, if you’re still spending hours upon hours each week crafting perfect posts with perfectly designed images, you’re using valuable resource time without being able to prove any solid return.

Facebook organic is now 6% free*.

*If you’re a ninja, innocent smoothies, or some kind of stand-out-something, and 3% if your normal.

Image result for drop in performance stats gif

Facebook’ll make you rich, if you understand that it’s now a pay-to-play environment.

If you want success on Facebook, then you need to spend. If that’s daunting, then try taking a look at some of these really easy articles we created to make it less daunting.

But what if we’re wrong? Is there anything that we could be missing when we wrote this article?

We can’t be sure, but

We can give you an account of our experience (spoiler: we’ve worked with some of the worlds biggest and best brands – everything you just read is what we know).

In all these years in business, we’ve never come across a case where significant organic facebook activity yielded significant ROI improvements in both channel ROI & resource management.

Facebook simply don’t want you to win from organic, but for that, you’ll have to take our word for it.

Did we miss something? Please reach out – we want to give you the best possible advice, and you can really help us get this channel right.