Right, stop the clock.
Here are our top picks for getting a hold of the slippery fish that is Return on Investment (ROI to the cool kids).


ROI Tips That Actually Help 

Tanesha Stafford, Co founder of Leebot & Armchair Marketing talks ROI like a 5 year old.

“ROI is variable, bendy, tricky and if you do it correctly, you might never see the light of day again, ever. “

Surely not?

Check out how Tanesha talks ROI with some of the biggest car brands in the world.



6 variables that effect advertising performance, that aren’t in any text books.

If you’re wondering why in the automotive industry, we sometimes go from record-like performance to pin dropping championships in the showroom – then you’re not alone.



How to diagnose a drop off in performance.

If sales have gone as cold as Christmas, and your mind is boggled…

Here are our best questions for helping you to pin-point the ol’ needle in a haystack.  ????




Ever wondered what a good conversion rate is?

Find out what things commonly effect your conversion rates.




How do you know if your advertising investment is contributing to offline sales?

Find out how I managed to get X factor GIFs into a support article.