Right, stop the clock.

Here are our top picks for getting a hold of the slippery fish that is; Return on Investment – or ROI to the cool kids.

Easy ROI tips that actually help. 

Tanesha Stafford, Co founder of Leebot & Armchair Marketing talks ROI in 5 year old language. Find out what her approach to ROI is and learn how she measures marketing performance for some of the biggest brands in the world!

Check out how Tanesha talks ROI with some of the biggest car brands in the world.

6 things that affect advertising performance.

If you’re wondering why in the automotive industry, we sometimes go from record-like performance to pin dropping championships in the showroom – then you’re not alone.

Learn about things that can have a positive or negative effect on your advertising performance.

How to diagnose a drop off in performance.

If sales have gone as cold as Christmas, and your mind is boggled… here are our best questions for helping you to pin-point the ol’ needle in a haystack.

Find out how to understand more about a drop in performance.

What’s a good conversion rate?

Find out what affects your conversion rates.

How much does a new customer cost?

How do you know if your advertising investment is paying off?