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HEADS UP: Google will ding your website if you don’t.


If you run your website through Google’s PageSpeed Insights and find a 100% score, your site is fast – but call me, fast – because I might learn something new, as it’s pretty darn rare. 

Why do you need a fast website? 

 Well… Google gives preferential treatment to websites that load quickly. ????????

 And once you get on Google’s good side, you’ll be likely rewarded with higher organic ranking as a result of:

  • Better user experience 
  • Lower bounce rate
  •  Faster end-to-end-purchase

How can you find out how fast is your website? 

Thankfully, Google offers this free tool to find out how fast your site is, what affects its speed, and what you need to fix.

But unfortunately, it doesn’t give you the best instructions on getting your score to 100%.

 Hit me up if you want to talk about it, anytime!