We all know faster websites make for better experiences. It’s obvious that you want your users to find what they need, fast.

Want to test how fast your website is? 

Thankfully, Google offers this free tool to find out how fast your website is, what’s affecting your speed and what you need to do to fix it.

But unfortunately, it doesn’t give you the best instructions on getting your score to 100%.

Page Speed

A ‘quick’ heads up: Most websites aren’t very fast.

Is that a problem? Well, sorry to say, but… it depends.

  • A slow website on a fast internet connection can still be fast.
  • Does your Google Analytics show users on predictably slow internet connections or old devices?
  • Are ‘websites’ slow, or are ‘pages’ slow?
  • Google isn’t entirely clear what it considers ‘fast’.
  • If a user has to wait 20 seconds (with a progress bar) for 10,000 products to be sorted into ‘blue ones’ – is that slow, or reasonable?
  • There’s a lot of speculation that ranking is only affected if the page speed is ‘broken-type-slow’ (i.e. 20 seconds or more).

If you run your website through Google’s PageSpeed Insights and find a 100% score – then your site is indeed, shockingly fast – but please, please call us – because we might learn something new, as that’s pretty darn rare.

Got a question about website speed? Feel free to let us know!

Speed test example