Google Analytics is a free website analytics software that you can instal (really easy), on your website to see how popular it is, how often people view it, and what they do when they are on your website.

Why’s it free?

It’s not because Google are lovely and want to help you to get your website cooking on gas.

Google’s got eyes on the activity of nearly 98% of the websites in the world. It uses the sharing agreement you agree to when signing up, to watch its uses move in and out of Google searches.

What’s in it for Google to give you the software for free?

75% of automotive purchases begin using a search engine – Google’s is the largest and most dominant – no one even comes close.

Google sees its own users type a search phrase, let’s say for example: “Used cars in Northampton”, then presents a list of results to that user.

As the ‘searcher’ goes in and out of the search results, Google begins to make a prediction about who’s in market to buy, and what they are in market to buy.

It sells this data to advertisers, like Armchair Marketing, who use magic to find ways to convince Googles users to click fancy adverts, directing them to arguably better alternatives than what they were originally offered.

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