Get as much reach as possible and raise you profile – your words are valuable, so let’s make them count.

Getting started:

  • If we’re publishing something you wrote or said – we’ll inform you by email – go check it out and you’ll find a link to what we published.
  • Copy your article link from the confirmation email you received. 

1. Share the link on your company Facebook page first, then re-share on personal profile & industry groups.

If you’re not part of any professional Facebook Groups, then check them out as they can be a valuable audience to share your content with!  Search for Facebook groups relevant to you and join them. 

Go to > 

2. Share it on your company Twitter page & your personal profile.

Before you craft your tweet, look for industry-related hashtags!

Put your content in front of the people that will benefit from it and watch the engagement blow up.

Example: How to share the article on Twitter: 

(opens in a new tab)”>Go to Linked In >

4. PRO TIP: Schedule the same article, multiple times over a few months.

Your article won’t be seen by your entire audience the first time around – and no one is reading every tweet, post and update you send.

Republishing the same article every other week or two for a few months is done by all the major players and increases the chances of your content being seen.

Publishing tools make it easier – check out: Sprout Social, Buffer, Hootsuite, or CoSchedule.

5. Ask your team, family & friends to share your Facebook &  Twitter posts on their personal social media profiles to get maximum impact. 

Every time your team, family and friends share your article on their personal profiles, it’s going to be seen by their connections, which in turn will be seen by their connections’ connections, and so on. 

If you imagine an average person has 500 connections, and each one of those connections has 500 connections, and each of those connections’ connections has 500 connections, the number of people you can reach will blow your mind!

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Get the fammo to come together for a good cause* (*you).

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So what are you waiting for? Go put the magic back into the internet already.