You are a wealthy inhabitant of the western region of the USA and appreciate American-made pickup trucks with a touch of luxury. Your lakeside estate is only accessible via rough dirt roads and you require plenty of practicality for your local timber business and family.

Aznom Automotive is an Italian coach-builder that have converted the RAM 1500 into a full-size luxury SUV, highly capable of your needs.


The Atulux (All-Terrain Utility Luxury) started life as a 2018 RAM 1500, before having a tonneau cover fitted that joins together to form a cohesive roof. This new body piece and the chrome sections are painted to match the rest of the vehicle, whilst the bumpers and extended wheel arches have a matte finish. The vehicle has a total of two sunroofs, with a larger one for the rear passengers.

Overall it looks more like a limousine on stilts, which may or may not be to your taste. Like the Bentley Bentagya, the interior is the primary reason why you would buy an Atulux.


Each of the four seats are composed of Nabucata full-grain leather with the finer details and headlining wrapped in cream Alcantara. The trim is composed of whitened bent oak, which matches nicely with the cabin. Sound deadening materials have been used to insulate the interior from the outside world of peasantry, allowing you to appreciate your 1200W sound system.

The rear centre armrest houses a 15L refrigerator, 2 champagne flutes and 4 whiskey glasses. A Nespresso coffee machine is also fitted that can electronically rise when requested. However, I do find the lack of rear tray tables disturbing at this price point.

For entertainment, the rear passengers are presented with two retractable 17-inch displays that can be used for TV, DVDs or to play on the included Xbox One.


The 5.7L HEMI V8 has remained untouched and still produces an adequate 395hp and 410 lb-ft (556Nm) of torque. The body’s framework has been reinforced and the braking system has been upgraded to 420mm and 380mm discs at the front and rear respectively. There are no provided weight figures.

The cargo bed appears to have decreased in length by a short amount in order to accommodate for the rear compartments. That should not affect your lifestyle, however the decreased height capacity certainly will. The bed still opens as a drop-down tailgate, not as a trunk. In other words, if your luggage travels to the front of the bed then good luck reaching in and getting it out.


Before you run for your leather wallet, allow me to remind you that the MSRP of the top of the line, RAM 1500 Limited starts from $53,000. That is of the newer, updated 2019 model year. Meanwhile the luxurious, GMC Sierra 1500 Denali starts from $56,000.

The Atulux? $263,000 USD. That is enough to buy both of those pickup trucks plus a nice sports car, such as the Mercedes AMG GT. Of course, they build cars custom to order and I am sure you can negotiate features and pricing with them.