Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock since forever, you will most likely know that Armchair Marketing has got a some rather clever arms to it.

  • The sales team insist we tell people “We’re a Marketing Agency“.
  • Our co-founders started a ‘give back‘ project called The Armchair Show to help people Learn, Prosper & Grow.
  • We also have the technology side: (Leebot).
Lee & Tanesha

In this interview with Co-founder Lee Manning, it’s clear that exciting times are on the way – Projects, is a new feature coming to Leebot, and it’s bringing together people from all walks of life.

Leebot‘s ‘the stage name’ for the machine. It’s a rather clever learning machine, designed to play friendly with people. Feed it with knowledge and it feeds you back”. Says Manning.

Leebot's a Transformer
(not Leebot, or is it…?)

Phase 1 saw the launch of ‘advertising tools‘ from a marketing agency – so you’d be well and truly forgiven for thinking, therefore, that the technology side of the business is purely advertising. It’s not.

Leebot’s real mission; is to package wisdom and make it free, easy & accessible for anyone that wants to make a difference. 

All good technologies solve a problem, Lee. Tell us what problem was on the radar?

The world’s reaction to Coronavirus was delayed but thankfully united – it’s clear that there are significant challenges regarding the sharing of information and procedures. Speed of response literally saves lives.

It’s not just about speed of information – we all know that’s no longer an issue.

It’s getting harder to get the right message, to the right people, at the right time. As a result of this, it’s getting harder to get people to get involved, or make change.

The real issues are ‘project-management-like’ – order/priority of information, visibility privileges, action plans, status update, and more. More hands make light work. Information without a strategy can be dangerous.

The problem is global, affecting billions of lives, from the highest levels to the smaller, key-remote communities, where the pain is felt equally at scale.”

So what’s the solution?

Only wisdom can see our communities through the greatest tragedies but wisdom is a privilege.

Trading wisdom is the key to global success. Our software will package wisdom and make it free, easy and accessible for anyone that wants to make a difference.

Leebot empowers you to bring together groups of people to organise something meaningful by enabling you to connect with key people, communicate your vision & create blueprints for action & change.

Leebot allows organisations of any size to collaborate with key authorities or experts to create, store and launch any type of project to millions of people at once, to empower them with information they need to answer a question, solve a problem or make a difference.

For the first time: Leebot’s innovative approach brings together experts in all fields and provides them with the tools to build a global archive of information, strategies and action plans, ready to launch, at scale, anytime, to anyone, anywhere.

But, people are going to ask… aren’t you a marketing agency? This sounds more like a project management system.

The original purpose of Leebot was to store all company knowledge and make it accessible to new employees and to our customers. A super brain, if you like.

Our customer’s also told us that the way we plan and organise was special and that they wished they could teach their employees how we do it – that led to the idea for Projects.

It became obvious that building projects would bring value to many.

“But we realized it has more value to the world than it does sitting with us”.

“Leebot will empower those who want to make a difference to launch projects at an exponentially faster pace than if they were to try and accomplish the same things without it. Planning coffee morning fundraisers to organising crisis dispute resolution. From learning a new skill to teaching a nation.

It will bring urgent support, knowledge and communication to communities and organisations at a never-before-seen scale.

Our mission is to help people to Learn, Prosper & Grow. Our role in the global crisis is clear. We are ready to do our duty.



With Leebot, you can create, edit and present any document, alone, or as part of a series of organised steps. Bring your documents to life with smart editing and organisational tools to help you launch projects, define a vision, help people learn, or provide valuable information and direct communication lifelines to those that need it.


Present your ideas easily. Plan your next fundraiser, manage event registrations, provide up to date insight, publish your research, showcase your theories, and much more. With Leebot, it’s not what you write – it’s what you do with it.


Add collaborators to let anyone – friends, classmates, colleagues, build something meaningful with you. Having a virtual information hub enables you to communicate and collaborate no matter where we are in the world — land or sea. Get answers fast.


See everything in one place and get everyone on the same page to see your team’s activity and keep track of all the moving parts. Store*, share, and access your files from any device. Empower teams to plan, run, and track any project or process. Create workflows for people to follow in minutes.

*Your first 15 GB of storage are free.

If you want to find out more about Projects, or any of the Leebot features – ask the team on: 01604 879657.