To empower, enable & develop people in marketing-related roles & unite them with like-minded people who can help them learn & grow.


We’re building a community to help people in marketing-related roles to develop new skills & knowledge in the automotive industry.

We’re making our knowledge, tools and advice available to our community.

We’re putting out a rally-call for organisations and people who are best-placed to support our community to reach their potential.

We’re advocating the development of people.  It’s that simple. 

“Everyone, senior or junior can play a part.  Everyone makes a difference to each other.  Everyone gets recognition…

People in senior roles can change people’s lives, grow their careers and mentor people, simply by sharing their knowledge through guest articles, round-table mentorships and fun get-togethers.

It’s common for administration roles to evolve into joint admin / minor-marketing roles, with a learn-as-you go approach.  Often alone in the roles and with no real communities, these people are commonly isolated, under-supported and personal growth is stunted.  We can change that.

The industry struggles to attract new, young talent (specifically university graduates) and rarely attracts time-skilled qualified marketing people away from other industries.  We can improve that. 

Over the last 5 years, we’ve observed the environment and it’s sad to watch – a negative cycle.

If you welcome the need to change that, then please join us.

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Tanesha Stafford
Co-founder, Armchair Marketing

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How you can help.

Help us to advocate the development of marketing people in the industry.

Provide marketing, business & technology advice to support those who need it.

Support the development of young marketing people in the industry.

Shape & develop automotive marketing with vision & insight.

Our sponsorship revenue directly contributes to events that support the development of automotive marketing professionals.  Help us to make a difference.

Fancy offering your wisdom? Speak at, or attend one our events.

Get Listed on The Top People in Automotive Marketing List.????

Write for our community. Inspire people & help them learn & grow.

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Build valuable connections.

Working together, we can do great things - one article at a time.

Doing good makes you feel good.

What are you waiting for?  Let's empower an entire industry together. 

Who knows - you might even generate a few leads...

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