Cut costs & get more leads – if it’s possible, it’s time for a change.

If you don’t put your adverts in the right place, then your competitors will.  There’s a 90% chance your PPC can be improved & moving to us will save you money*.

Your agency won’t tell you that – but we will.

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*9 out of 10 PPC accounts reviewed by Armchair Marketing teams revealed mass inefficiency.  With the average wasted monthly spend of £5,453. 

Full Google Adwords Evaluation

There's no doubt about it - this will save you money, or we'll give you your money back. 9 out of 10 accounts we review contain basic set ups, which hurts the wallet.


How do you perform compared to your competitors?

Is your phone number showing when you’re closed?
– Un-answered calls kill kittens. 🐈

Does your advertising match your business challenges?

Are you promoting a 0% finance deal with no finance keywords in the account?

Are you running advanced remarketing to reduce the cost of each conversion?

Have you uploaded your email database to Facebook?


👉 Find areas of wasted spend.
👉 Identify new opportunities.
👉 Find out what works and do more of it.

Explained in plain vanilla:
“£26,691.60 of your spend did not result in a lead.”*
“£21,000 spent sending customers to a broken page”** 
“Your cost per lead is €150.00″***

*yes, this really happened.  **it’s actually quite common.  ***yes, we sat them down first – their agency told them it was <€10.

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Move your Paid Advertising (PPC) to us & we’ll use Leebot’s Shopper Insights to improve everthing. 
👉 Developed & launched exclusively 👈
By Armchair Marketing (yes, us).

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World-class Shopper Insights.

Over 100 Million audience profile types & 3 Million keyword search phrases.

Marketing Planning & Work OS.

Create as many content calendars as you darn well like & filter them.

Team Collaboration.

Work together, share files, get assigned, get approved , view activity.

Easy Paid Advertising Tools.

Build Google, Facebook & Instagram adverts easy as pie and in a flash.

Built-in Classified Website.

Unlimited free stock listings for subscribers & enquiry management.

Unlimited Customised Pages.

Publish articles, tutorials, reviews in Discover > & target a niche audience!

Marketing Calendar
Automotive Marketing Insights
Shopper insights

Talk to the team.

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