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Hello Armchair Show.

Stand-out different.  Just like our business.  You’ll wish we did it sooner.   

What’s Happening?

25th Nov, 2019


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What we think over breakfast (show) – London

Our latest partnership with Facebook unlocks their data-driven knowledge and insight to support people involved in marketing via our exclusive, invite-only masterclass event at the brands London HQ.  We’re off down FBs gaff at 1pm.    Apply for an invite.

Well what are we going to do with the morning off? 🤷

We decided it might be jolly nice to get some folks together and talk about sexy hot topics like business, start-ups and getting the best out of people – all over a hipster-like breakfast.

That’ll help the avocado and toast down nicely!  🥑

Featured Host 🌟

Mark Ellis (Mellis to the few), Founder of Business Fiction, & bloomin’ well admired by the folks at Armchair Marketing.

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Our latest partnership with Facebook will help people learn, prosper & grow.  Our exclusive invitation-only event will help get the best out of our attendees so they can go on and win.  Apply for an invite >

Tanesha Stafford, Co Founder, Armchair Marketing.

Date coming soon.
The armchair show – London

We’re making a show all about other people because people who do great things should get the recognition.  We’ll cover a range of massive subjects – each one designed to help people learn, prosper and grow.

We’re on a mission to empower, enable & develop people in marketing-related roles & unite them with like-minded people who can help them learn & grow.

We’re putting out a rally-call for organisations and people who are best-placed to support our community to reach their potential – so if you got some positive lungs in you, then help us out by getting involved.

Date and venue coming soon.
What we think over drinks 🍻- The North (yes, we know it’s a big place)

Having a few drinks is bound to get the words flowing” said Jon, our head of partnerships.  We’re pretty sure Jon just wanted the company card to hang out with his pals in the trade.  Everyone knew deep down it needed to be more than that.  Only Erin offered to write the brief.  Everyone else agreed to attend without needing time to think about it.

So it’s all drinks (& thinks), and we’ll tackle some of the industries biggest challenges.  A few wise words from the folks in the know, as usual – all designed to help people learn, prosper & grow!


Alternative Podcasts

12-13th Sept, 2019
Got an idea for a podcast?

We’ve got a wealth of knowledge here at ACHQ, and we’re really keen for our designers, developers and planners to share their knowledge, tips and tricks with a wider community.

Do you want to get involved with that?  Have you got a topic you’d like to share your vision on?  Some hints and magic tricks up your sleeve that others would benefit from? 

Get hold of us already – whaddaya waiting for?   


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