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The Armchair Show is a show all about other people, because people who do great things should get the recognition.  We’ll cover a range of massive subjects – each one designed to help others to learn, prosper and grow.

We’re on a mission to empower, enable & develop people in marketing-related roles & unite them with like-minded people who can help them learn & grow.

We produce powerful content, like:

Episodes of the Armchair Show – hot topics & engaging advice from the best in the industry.
Spotlight Sessions – about you, your business, or your best people.

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Mark Ellis (Mellis to the few), Founder of Business Fiction, & bloomin’ well admired by the folks at Armchair Marketing.

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The eBay Motors Group is on its way.

Reach millions of buyers, combining the reach and power of eBay Motors, Gumtree and the Motors.co.uk Network.

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Target audience: motortrade profesionals  (Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn)


When will we have autonomous cars & car sharing subscription models?

Phill Jones, Head of eBay Motors Group: “Empower your people like guardiola”

Why aren’t people buying cars online? Our auto influencers discuss.

41 days on avg. to buy a car – hear more from eBay Motors Group’s, Phill Jones. 

How to deal with a negative customer review in 2020.

What does influencer really mean? Joel Combes: “make your people famous”.

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Mark is the Brad Pitt of podcast hosts.

Mark Ellis 🌟

Brilliant Podcast Host.

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