We’re delighted, and frankly a little bit silly excited. The (socially distanced) Armchair Show, in association with eBay Motors Group is BACK in the studio*.

*Just outside of it actually – safety first, thank you – our soundproof recording studio is no place to be in these times.

Everything you need to know about attending as a guest on The Armchair Show is still the same, but it made sense that we found an alternative suggestion to ‘The Chemical Suits Show’ idea that may, or may not, have been banded about by ‘The Creatives’.

Stand back!

We’ve had a good think about it, and we’ve set new, safe and hygienic procedures in place to welcome folks to the UK’s first physical, and most likely; only automotive YouTube show indoors since Covid-19.

Who said The Automotive Roundtable actually needs to be round? We put the thinking caps on to get our very glamorous show back around the table and we figured it all out.

It’s still very fancy, but now we’re filming around a very long rectangular table, you can’t get too near anyone, and we’ve got to spray it all down afterwards. The production ‘hands’ wear masks and gloves, which Jon says is an improvement. We think he means for safety and not for looks.

There’s plenty of hand gel and all the latest safety thingy-ma-bobs that ‘those in the know’ call PPE.

We’ve had to do a fair few Armchair Show’s “over the air” in the last few months. Not only that, but our postman’s been on edge with all the attention he seems to be getting since we’ve had barely any guests.

Seeing as we ‘invented’ the automotive YouTube show in the first place.

It makes sense that we should be the ones to figure out how to get it going again, in what Tanesha repeatedly air-quotes “the new normal”.

So there you have it, the brand new (normal), socially distanced indoor Armchair Show, in association with eBay Motors Group (yes, granted, it’s a bit of a mouthful, and not very tweet friendly).

Fingers crossed we’ll be back to normal (old normal) soon, because ‘Our Mark’ says that the reverb in the new area is playing havoc with his ears (most of us don’t know what that is, but we think it might be to do with his age).

Fancy a show, but worried about the rules, regs & personal space invaders?

Get out! Quite literally. There’s nothing like the good ol’ outdoors – check out The Armchair Show “on location” (In the courtyard).

It’s ideal having your office & studios in what some say is like “driving into Centre Parcs”.

It’s not ideal having the equivalent cost of your Nan’s bungalow in electrical recording equipment sitting vulnerably outside based on an assumption from Jon that “it’s not going to rain”.

Let’s see how it pans out shall we?

We’ll keep ya posted 😉


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