Well what would you know? You pop a bunch of bright marketing sparks in a room together to help our viewers to learn prosper and grow – and EVEN WE didn’t realise just how big the impact would be.

Find out what some of the most influential people in automotive marketing think about key challenges facing car dealers in 2019 & 2020.

#TheArmchairShow – is an automotive podcast, motortrade radio & Youtube show, brought to you by our brilliant team here at Armchair Marketing.

The show’s sponsored by eBay Motors Group and includes future guest host appearances from industry influencers like Imperial Cars Operations Director, Neil Smith, Managing Director, Mike Bell and others.

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Episode 1’s guests include:

Phill Jones, Head of eBay Motors Group
Neil Smith, Operations Director, Imperial Cars
Andy Whitehair, CEO, Autofinity
Pontus Riska, VP Sales & Support, Rapid RTC

The shows topics were F.A.B – and included…

  • Did Elon must really make a mistake throwing that big rock of his through the bullet-proof glass?
  • Is car-sharing coming in 2020?
  • Would you want your car taken out for the day and dropping back before you leave work?
  • Will we ever drive (or not drive) autonomous cars or a car-sharing model?
  • What do your kids think about it all? Pontus Riska unpacks his views.
  • Will car sharing kill car sales? (oooooh dramatic…).
  • How many Tesla buyers does it take to sell a rather funky pick up truck? (find out how many Tesla pick up trucks have been sold – you wont believe the answer!).
  • What’s it like to work in the automotive industry?
  • Where can the industry improve?
  • Attracting young talent in the automotive industry.
  • Driverless cars and car sharing: how far are we from a revolution?
  • Favourite automotive advert of the year.