If you’ve been hiding under a rock recently, you may have missed that we launched an initiative to help people learn, prosper and grow.

The Armchair Show‘s got legs. It’s going great guns and we’re very proud!

The show’s mission is to help people in the automotive industry (and further beyond), to learn, prosper & grow.

So here’s some FAQs to give you a short, punchy low-down to get you up to speed.

The Armchair Show episodes are filmed and recorded in groups and they’re all shaped around talking about positive automotive topics.

It’s also filmed with breaks in between for some great for networking / co working too – it’s a nice, enjoyable day for our guests and they make some great connections.

Some folks struggle for time, so we also created a more flexible show, called The Spotlight Sessions – they are about you, your business, or your best people.

Where is it recorded?

Filming takes place at Armchair Marketing’s state-of-the-art recording studio, in Northampton (NN73DB).

Dress code:

Come as yourself – but no onesies. It’s a casual dress environment – you don’t need to wear a suit to be serious. Some folks dress their best at the studio, and others are as casual as a Saturday afternoon.

We film for YouTube and the lights are BRIGHT, so if you’re conscious of looking your best, your outfits will be seen in their prime – so go get ’em tiger.

Got some work to do?

Bring your work bag, as the location is fresh and funky – with snacks and decent coffee in every corner! It’s a hip co workers paradise and gets rated highly in our post feedback survey. You’ll find many a corner to keep up with your emails during the day.

Does it cost?

No. There is no cost. Nada. Not a bean. But we do have sponsorship opportunities, and that’s what made our show so great, so quick.

The Armchair Show is an initiative for good that’s kindly supported by eBay Motors Group, Imperial Cars and other brilliant associates. So there’s no catch, it’s just about creating great content.


  • Positive sessions, very relaxed and no preparation required.
  • Questions provided in advance, so you can really think about your answers before the day.
  • Great PR for your company or the chance to show the strengths of your team.
  • Great recognition and reward for people who have done well in your team.
  • Intimate, quality networking.

How does it work?

When we usually film a full episode of The Armchair Show, the production takes a full working day – but there’s plenty of networking or co-working to be had in between it all.

It’s common for our guests to hand around and co-work with us when the filming stops – there’s room for all and great space to engage in meetings with some new connections.

What questions get asked?

Easy ones. Ones that show you in your best light. Everything you already know so well.

You’ll also get a list in advance once we’ve confirmed your attendance – some guests like to shape it a little – we’re down with that, as long as it’s good and meaningful.

Learn More: See an example of the questions we usually ask.

Whatever we talk about, we usually shape it around the subjects we know you guys like and enjoy talking about and we also make sure you can ‘sell your strengths’, etc – but just don’t be too spammy if you know what I mean?

Our host also helps you navigate a question, or better still shifts it over to another guest if you get tongue tied.

The show’s really friendly and shaped according to the guest types – all guests get the questions in advance to help with confidence on the day.

Check out these videos on what our previous guests think about the experience.

The Armchair Show Podcast & Motortrade radio

The Armchair Show is a great way to meet new people & show your business in a great light.

Can I get a copy of the footage?

Everything we record gets published on The Armchair Show’s Youtube / Podcasting channels – we encourage you to share your sessions as much as you can to get the best exposure for you and your business.

You can also ask about using our studio and our hosts for creating your own podcast or something similar – just ask our sales team for more info.

Can I bring guests with me?

Yes of course! Guests can watch and listen while we record the episode. Feel free to bring your colleagues or customers with you! Bring as many guests as you want.

Kids are welcome too. The show is all about how great you’re doing – something you can be proud off.

What are the best ways to share the recoding, and videos to get maximum impact?

All of our content gets key-worded for business terms / locality etc so it’s good for people searching for you, and you can also use the footage on our channel to link to if you want your customers to hear about your strengths, etc.

Share the work on all your social media platforms and, if your business has a local presence, be sure to try to use similar terms to what our marketing boffins did when they uploaded the content.

Our social media channels can be found here:

You can also find our publishing channels and more information here.