This year, Armchair Marketing launched The Armchair Show, an Automotive Youtube show & Podcast that highlights people who do great things in the industry. 

It generated over 80,000 views from automotive professionals in just 3 weeks.


Nothing fancy really, just a lot of effort.  4 years, a lot of data cleaning, laborious manual outreach for validation, programmatic acceleration (yawn) & then a touch of magic* (*poof).


Well, when we say magic…  we’re talking about the start of our journey to build a technology that would go on to see our agency become firmly established as the gateway to the world’s automotive industry professionals.  You see, it changed the everything you know about automotive B2B marketing data.  

We found a way to take our impressively-optimised data on MDs, CEOs, Sales Managers, Sales People, Service Technicians (and more) and we used it to make a sophisticated programme to ‘data-mine’ Google, Facebook & Instagram, looking for mirror-like lookalikes.

Hats off to you, guys“.

Google Partner Incubation Team in London

…but we daren’t tell them It was actually a happy accident that came as a result of a bit of “what-if?” thinking whilst developing our consumer facing; Google, Facebook and & Instagram shopper data insight tool.  

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The Armchair Show, ep. 3: Allistair Carmichael, VP Sales (UK), Calldrip.