A CMS (Content Management System) can be used to create or, as the name suggests, manage digital content. This is done by adding, editing, or deleting content that is to be published on your website.

You can ‘bolt’ it on to your own website with a little bit of technical help, and it can allow you to create all sorts of pages that drive in more website visitors.

This is a WordPress version – WordPress is free.

The benefits:

1. Content Editing is Separate from Design

Your content editing is separate from the design and functionality of the site, so users that aren’t technically trained can add, format and edit their content on the website without having to fiddle with design and coding.

2. Selective Access Permissions

You can choose to allow some users to add and edit their own content while giving others universal access to do anything, like editing other people’s content for example.

3. Speedy Updating

Site updates are quick and effortless when using a CMS. Even when using the administrative interface, components like menus, headers, footers and sidebars can be easily (and quickly) updated.

You can remove quite a lot of the need to wait for a developer to do something for you.

4. SEO-Friendliness

CMSs are very SEO-friendly. They can include custom page titles as well as metadata and adjustable URLs. Helper plugins are also available if you want tips on how to optimize your content.

To re-build what a freely available CMS has, you need very deep pockets. As a result, many website builders, try to replicate the very basic features – this is not good for long-term SEO at all.

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5. The Most Popular Options Are Free

And here’s the best part, the basic framework of most CMS programs are free. In that case, you only need to pay more for further customization options, such as a premium design or extra security.

The top 3 Free CMS platforms are:

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