The Armchair Show, in association with eBay Motors Group… is BACK! (well sort of).

Well, it never really went away did it? Some good ol’ British ‘drink some tea and get on with it’ mentality saw the team get our remote shows up and running quicker than it took for the entire nation to start looking forward to Christmas IN MAY.

It turned out to be quite a hoot, ‘Our Mark’ couldn’t figure out if it was quicker to upload the videos “over the air” with his village-like home internet speed, or post a dongle by Royal Mail and that meant the team had to have YET ANOTHER Zoom call, where everyone said “can you hear me?” and “Sorry about that, I’m home schooling the kids”.

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So in the end, all turned out well, even if we didn’t quite plan for things like Marshall’s Chief, Daksh Gupta’s adorable daughter telling him off for not coming to wash his hands for lunch. 😍

Anyway, we hope you’re all safe & healthy, but we think it’s time to get out of the house. Essential items: bring a brolly & some sun cream (not really, but more on that later).

Getting your message out there, quite literally.

It can be bloomin’ well hard being tucked out of t’ way in one’s bedroom-office all day, or perhaps alone at the kitchen table hearing the continuous ticking of your fancy wall clock (why do they even exist still, anyway?).

With a bit of luck, the new outdoor versions of The Armchair Show will be just the ticket for getting out and about again, at least for the day anyway.

…and that… brings us nicely with a very giddy excited-ness, to be announcing some rather fancy news indeed!

🥁 🥁 🥁

We’re going outside with The Armchair Show!

Fancy media companies call it “on location” – we called it “in the courtyard“.

Everything you need to know about attending as a guest on The Armchair Show is still the same, but Jon asked for “an outside option” to offer an alternative for companies struggling to visit with their current company policies.

It’s fancy, and we’re not taking any risks.

If you’re coming along as a supporter to watch the show, or gracing our presence as a valued guest, you’re in for a real treat – and certainly something different.

Safety first, we’ve got all the gear, and when it comes to Covid-19 – we’re not cutting any corners.

Check out these great snaps from our recent “will it rain?” practice run.

What if it rains?

Yeah, that stumped us for a little while too – but the show must go on!

For the hay fever noses amongst us, you might prefer our indoor socially distanced sessions.

But for those who’ve simply been stuck indoors for way too long – we searched for the best outdoor filming locations within a 100 metre radius and we’re pleased to announce that if it rains, we’re covered. Literally.

If it’s raining🐈 ‘s &🐶”s we’ll be filming over at the lake.

We love it when a plan comes together.

What if it’s ‘touch & go’?

Well, we did say bring a brolly, but we were only teasing. It never rains for The Armchair Show. Pinky promise.

In keeping with British tradition, we’ll be monitoring the weather by looking up at the sky and putting our hands out to check for ‘spots’ of rain on the day of filming.

The good news is, if it’s going to be a really nice day we’ll film on the green (below), but the bad news is that Jon’s ‘philosophy’ is that anything past 16 degrees is “shorts weather”. Thankfully we’ll insist he changes before our guests get here.

BUT, if the heavens do happen to open up, you can rest assured that our reluctant production hands will lift everything into the fancy gazebo that Ryan built when he wasn’t doing everything else.

While you’re waiting for our ‘stage hands’ to ‘change the scene’, delight in the fortune that you’ve reached the successful point in life, where you get to keep warm and dry with a nice cup of coffee while watching our muscle do the work and secretly thinking, “I’d rather them than me”.

Relax, because today, our friends, you’re the star of the show.

Many say we’re blessed to call such a wonderful place ‘work’, and we’ve always agreed. What a joy to have a place so friendly to our guests, with our fabulous gym, copious snacks on hand and a plentiful supply of Gin ‘n’ Tonic.

“Definitely going to start going, but after the weekend”.

It’s worth pointing out, that pretty much everyone who comes ends up enjoying 2 out of the 3 delights.

That’s all for now folks, but stay tuned, subscribe to The Armchair Show on Youtube or check out our brilliant show supporters page and all the video highlights together.

If you’re interested, check out our New Socially Distanced Version of The Armchair Show Indoors.

Until next time, stay safe and wash yer hands more! 🙌


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